Promotions Crew Presents: Truby 

Jason Truby is known as a versatile musician. Whether examining his instrumental solo work, metal guitar work with Living Sacrifice or his contribution to P.O.D.

This album breaks away from everything you thought Truby had in him. His pure vocals are surprising and soothing. No one can say he hasn't traveled a long path as a musician. In fact, after listening to this album you'll see how he has more than paid his dues while honing his craft. This new album is complete musical perfection with deep thought provoking and honest lyrics.

“Entropy” has been 20 years in the making. Truby has orchestrated every move on this album purely from the heart. He even played most of the instruments. Listening to it from beginning to end reminds you of being a teenager and listening to Dark Side of the Moon for the first time. Every song flows with theme while taking the listener along a musical journey that will be revisited over and over again.

Comments from listeners about this album:

“Impressed doesn't even cover it, this album ‘Entropy’ is absolutely beautiful.”

“There are so many levels and layers, the music just keeps revealing more sounds, the more you listen the more you pick up.”

“Truby’s virtuoso guitar work is brilliant, dreamy and drifty yet grinding and gritty at times.”

“Right away I was caught into the music. Wow! Everything sounds so pure, smooth, and flowed very well.”

“Refreshing, every song flows and seems to build up to the next song, you're able to actually hear the passion and work that went into each track.”

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